Paruthumpara Hill Resort

CLIENT: Mr. Baby John



LOCATION: Paruthumpara, Idukki, Kerala


PROJECT TYPE:  Masterpaln, Special Residential, New construction 

The Story

Site in its raw form uses elevation to transcend one's experience into far new levels by providing limitless possibilities of views and ambiance. The concept intends to further accentuate this potential and use all those opportunities the site offers, to elevate the existing experiential qualities  Design language is been carefully selected to keep the negative impact on the site to a minimum and preserve and enhance the genius loci of the site. Basic zoning is done keeping site topography and context in focus. Alterations to existing topography are kept minimum. The major part of the natural drainage is preserved with slight alterations in the two ends to accommodate new activities. In later phases of development, this channel can work as a green corridor that connects space with nature. Vehicle movement is restricted to +12m level from the access road. This helps preserve a major part of the natural landscape present in the site while creating an opportunity for the visitor to experience the site at its fullest.

The walk from the reception space at +12m to the cottages through winding steps introduces the site to the visitor while establishing a hidden connection between them. The shape of the winding walkway is carefully planned in order to keep the impact on the site at a minimum and provide the best possible views in each turn. Thus landscape mainly has two faces. One till the vehicular entry having a character of the garden. That invites and directs the visitor to the top. The second part starts from the reception level till the top end. This part has preserved and enhanced most of the existing landscape on site. Four cottages in three building blocks were provided. Out of them, two blocks are on the highest plane, with two floors each. One block is for the personal use of the client with a premium typology of cottage on top and a small kitchen and dining space at ground level. The other one has two different typologies of cottages on each floor with differing qualities. As the site sits very close to the ridge line the topmost position towards the northeast side, with an additional 2m elevation will provide excellent view to both valleys towards east and west. This was one of the major reasons for placing and making the blocks double-story. Also, this helped in providing privacy from the occasional public presence just next to the site along the ridge. The third block with one single cottage is placed independently close to the winding circulation pathway. The water tank one of the key services that need to sustain the project needs to accommodate adequate structural support to withstand high wind velocity. The potential for a viewing deck is combined with a water tank to create an Identity tower’ in the most noticeable location on the site. Thus water tank became a multipurpose platform and an integral part of the design language. The commercial block, entry, and reception block, all of three, use the same design language that is used in the cottages, making them all connected and integrated within the site.