Nadavayal Landscape Redevelopment

CLIENT: Mr. Rajesh Mathew

PROJECT AREA: 1.5 acre

LOCATION: Nadavayal , wayanad , Kerala


PROJECT TYPE:  Masterpaln, Landscape 

The Story 

Site has a varying topography. Relatively gentle with occasional steepness in some parts. The house sits on the topmost level, which is flattened to the retention wall that encompasses the immediate boundary. The rest of the site has a gentle slope towards the southern side till it meets with a relatively steep slope and becomes an interface with the vast paddy fields. Rest three sides (east west and north) have thick vegetation as an interface. Soil is suitable to accommodate healthy tropical and subtropical vegetation. Less human activities in the context. The southern part being a paddy field is moderately active throughout the year with slightly intense activities during harvest. The Paddy field becomes a larger open space and helps in extending the visual boundary to a distant space, elevating the spatial quality and potential of the site. The long slender stems of Areca palms planted In an organized manner in the southwest corner of the site add an interesting flavor to the context. Towards the eastern side of the new Residence sits the old one, relatively small with less architectural significance but higher associational value. The site has two access roads one from northeastern corner and the other from the western side. Frequent access to paddy fields towards the south from the site is part of the brief, which makes a total of three entry points. The site contains a good amount of grown-up trees some shrubs and buffalo grass as main ground cover. The main stormwater drainage is towards the southern side. A small stream that runs along the interface between the site and paddy fields acts as the main carrier of stormwater.

 The core idea was to create unique user experiences along clients' requirements, capturing the essence of the site.

 Experiences are modulated primarily to address two types of user groups. One is assumed to be stationed on-site for a prolonged time and the other as an occasional visitor. The residents encompass five families of which four families are stationed outside and are occasional visitors. So the idea was to celebrate their occasional visit to the homeland and their moments in gathering. While maintaining a dynamic landscape to induce newer experiences for the stationed. As for the visitors, the experiences are orchestrated primarily along the movement corridors. It's arranged as a symphony with prelude, interlude, and postlude stages of experiences. Each stage creates a different sense of experiences layered, continued, and added up to reach the final moment in the symphony. 

The first stage extends from the main entry to the central space. From the main entry the paddy fields get framed on one side and accompany us till 'the veil'. The other side will have thick bamboo planting forming a wild dynamic and engaging landscape. The contrast of serenity on one side and the noisy wilderness of bamboo marks the first experience. 'The veil' is a structure that becomes the interlude, a pause, a moment of suspense before the conclusion. The front garden and the final experience is characterized by active spaces that engage visually and physically with the user. Bringing water and mixing it with spatial composition intends to reach out to all senses and elevate the mood and presence. As the final layer is elevated to 2m it achieves a quality of reverence while approaching. Along with luxurious planting, flowering trees, active streams, and spaces of active engagements (thulasithara, barbecue corner) deliver the final experience to the visitor.

 The spatial composition from the stationed user perspective is organized primarily based on proximity. Spaces of varying compositions are sited in different parts of site and the residence is taken as the source from which the proximity is modulated. The first layer of experience is from the front garden that sits within the closest proximity. It's dynamic and characterized by active engagements. Also it stage, points to experiencing 'the beyond'(barbecue corner). The landscape is luxurious and filled with elements to induce interest. 'Thulasithara', barbecue corner, Lilly pond, Iow, rippling stream, etc add charm to the garden. The next layer is more like a transition phase that connects the garden with the wilderness. As there is a 2 m level variation with surrounding space attains a clear distinctive character. Finally, the outer layer, wild in nature, works around larger volumes and facilitates users to have direct engagement with forces in nature. A walk along the stream, sitting midst of thick bamboo grooves, enjoying the paddy fields, experiences fold into many, forming various narratives!